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Tvorogov, Aleksey and Anton - Artist

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Location: Moscow, Russian Federation

Aleksey and Anton Tvorogov, twin brothers, 27 y.o. In our works we use anthropomorphic characters as a symbol of connection between adult and child, modern human and primitive. These characters have always been the first conductors into the world, to the knowledge through myths, fairy tales, cartoons, toys. Anthropomorphism impersonates irrationality, fantasy, mythological consciousness and a sense of immortality – what we (each person and humanity as a whole) lose when we grow up. For us this connection and attempt to keep it are deeply personal, generational and even common to all mankind issues.


2015 – ART.WHO.ART-3, young artists and photographers exhibition-contest. 1st place in the category "young artist" (Komsomolskaya mansion)
2015 – Genesis, art and music festival (Bauman Gargen)
2015 – ART.WHO.ART-4, young artists and photographers exhibition-contest (Bankside art space)
2015 – LitArt (Moscow, loft Depre)
2015 – ‘First snow’, solo exhibition (Gallery Otokomae)

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