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& Zeltner, Bowditch - Artist

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Location: Hampton, United Kingdom

Musings of a tea and drawings by a coffee…

Quotes and illustrations by Fiona Bowditch (London, UK), a sensitive tea who loves to create and put the world she sees around her into words, and Daniel Zeltner (Basel, CH), an energetic coffee who always carries a pen and paper and puts into art the world he sees around him.

In early 2014, a tea ran away to South America after quitting her accounting job, and in Buenos Aires met a coffee who had drawn and painted his way through Brazil. A friendship based on talking nonsense, seeing things the same way and the will to express the ideas in their heads into art led to the formation of Bowditch & Zeltner in September 2014, and since then four exhibitions and limited edition prints sold worldwide.

Together the two friends create the captioned illustration. A tea and a coffee, a pen and paper, a thought and an idea, a grin and a laugh, a drawing and a quote, black ink on paper so honest and clear.

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