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Jones-Wilson, Brennan - Artist

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Location: Edgewood, United States

At 32 in the face of crisis I cashed in everything to buy paint, having never painted. Creation, as that which is created, is the universal language; and, like all forms of communication it proceeds as discourse: a living reflection in the present of past, present, and future. It is through process of creation and through creation of experience that we expand the possibilities of what can be. This is where dream and now meet. It has been in the process of connecting with great memory that I have found myself to be a painter. Without training or experience the singular need to create led me from dream to brush and paint. The world looks to artists for the beauty of their dreams; and I am here to share mine with the word. The waking dream that I experience while in the process of creation is a connection to the source. It is the state of bliss; the state of grace, in which there is nothing but the divine language of creation. My painting process is simple: I allow it to happen.

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