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Fairweather, Amy - Artist

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Location: Adelaide, Australia

Drawing is a tool that I employ to illustrate my absurd and often macabre imagination. The blank page becomes the field on which I can construct fantastical and surreal scapes filled with grotesque creatures and ethereal females. My fascination with the bizarre and the fantastical originates from my deep love and admiration with J. R. R. Tolkien’s literary epic The Lord of the Rings trilogy. What was most interesting within the world of Middle – Earth was the constant conflict or juxtaposition of good and evil or the beautiful and the ugly. All the elements of good were beautiful and wholesome personified through the Elves, the Hobbits and the Shire, whereas in contrast the evil elements were hideous and sickly taking form within the Orcs, Goblins and Mordor. I found the contrast interesting, there is a duality within the world and cannot be separate from one another. To summarise, fantasy and literature are my main source of inspiration, similar to artists like Beardsley and Sime.

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