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Peacock, Hannah - Artist

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Location: Cincinnati, United States

I am a Cincinnati artist who makes jewelry and art out of found objects. Bones and antlers are my current favorite medium with seed pods as a close second. There is so much beauty in the aftermath of life. Going beyond what is- into the realm of what could be is a constant goal of mine.

The beauty of life is always changing. Flowers stay beautiful for only so long. Loved ones come and go. I have found a constant in death. It's obtainable. It can be worked and manipulated into visions and dreams and It will always stay.

Using a skull as a canvas instead of paper or wood deepens the piece. We work together- death and I. We work to create wonder and love and exploration a possibility. This world of ours isn't always pleasant- this is what I can do to help.

I do all the cleaning, cutting, carving, dying, and pyrography myself. What ever the piece calls for. I will forever be exploring, changing, and growing as an artist, a dreamer, an environmentalist, and a human of this Earth.

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