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Location: Lewisham, Australia

My painting is the practise of the art of Lyrical Abstraction.

I start out with no intention to paint a composition filled with objects or scenes, the first touch of paint on the canvas starts the creative process. A painting evolves under its own direction, with the title coming at different stages as the picture comes together. Some paintings have up to three other paintings under them and can take months to create, revealing occasional glimpses of underlying imagery.
I’ve combined much meticulously drawn, spotted, stained, poured and applied paint. Sensuous, edges fold and blur; traces and marks are simultaneously graphic (suggesting containment and control) but with a lava like flow (suggesting primal chaos). Using this technique I invite the viewer to consider just exactly what influence we are encountering in each work. There is the haptic or random and serendipitous, and of course there is the empathic.
There is the working of surfaces that emphasises the particular times and labours of making. Sometimes the work has the feel of late 19th century Japanese cloisonné enamel work while others explode and fly away from the viewer. These paintings are high-keyed chromatic scale and hybrid technique puzzle pictures, where I leave clues to the key reference points or content.
I want to re-present my world/s as pure visual sensation different, parallel and equivalent to intellectual perception. There is the suggestion of growth and decay, a sense of constant becoming that could suggest interest in quantum mechanics and physics. But rather than Stephen Hawkings gravitational conundrums and Werner Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, my attitude is much closer to Paul Cezanne’s dictum The landscape thinks itself in me and I am its consciousness Architecture, Sense Perception, Sexuality, Physiology, Nature, Science and Space. These are reoccurring motifs that subconsciously find their way into my work.

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