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Langeder, Hans - Artist

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Location: Mentone, Australia

With a diverse background in Art and Design, Hans-Peter has found his niche in contemporary art.
Hans-Peter developed his artistic talent from the age of five, with a strong emphasis on figurative and still life drawing.
Leaving Austria in 1969, to move to Australia, Hans-Peter had difficulty learning the English language, so he started to communicate by drawing images to his peers. By the age of 8, he knew that his working life would not be complete unless he was swinging a pencil.
His first known group exhibition, that was unknown to him at the time, was displayed in 1974 at LaTrobe University, Melbourne Australia. It was a work titled ‘Elephant’. This was part of a class project.
In his later years he believed that he would need to specialize in a technical field to make a career from his love, hence the wide spread education in art and design. While working in real estate as a floorplan artist and illustrator, Hans was visiting such a wide range of houses and apartments, that it gave him the inspiration to study Interior Design. Feeling that cushions and lamps didn’t paint the complete picture, he turned to dabbling with art again, rather than designing to energize the living spaces.
With his name being known throughout Australia, Hans-Peter Langeder is an artist whose 25 plus years of art and design expertise, has given him the talent to create innovative statements of impact, with texture and vibrant splashes of colour that has a timeless decadent quality.
He has also been a part of a group exhibition in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Malibu, California and Miami, Naples in Florida and most recently, New Orleans and Aspen.
His work has been displayed nationally in Australia and New Zealand on Fremantle Media produced television game shows between 2006-2009.

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