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Ragagli, Judy - Artist

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Location: Los Angeles, United States

Hi, my name is Judy Ragagli and I am an artist based in Los Angeles, California. I paint original oil paintings of vintage Barbie's circa 1959 to 1970. I chose this subject matter as my ultimate focal point when I first began pursuing art. I see Barbie as possessing a soul and positive spirit; her true persona extends beyond the plastic facade. My goal is to pay homage to this surviving icon of modernity, femininity, and style. I want my viewers to recognize vintage Barbie as an important and positive influence within our society on both the individual and aggregate levels. By presenting vintage Barbie through portraiture in oil on canvas, I aim to create a vision of Barbie that is still and noble. I strive to elicit veneration for Barbie's legacy while painting a mark of beauty and grace into the world.

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