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Laidlaw, Jenny - Artist

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Location: Jan Juc, Australia

I am a full time and committed Artist. With strong environmental ethics, and a love of the enchanting, ever changing outdoors, my work takes you on a journey into a world where the line of memories and reality are blurred.
My love and passion for the ocean and the mountains have been the inspiration for many of my works. In my finely detailed pen and ink drawings with collage material, the viewer can put together all the elements like a jigsaw puzzle to learn the story behind each picture.
The world I create is “collected”….each picture, with its group of found objects, tells a story of a nearly mythical landscape and history.

By including a dose of fantasy in some of my works, I invite the viewer to examine more closely, to establish where the line is drawn between fantasy and fact.
My new series of children's artwork are whimsical and full of detail and vibrant colour.The inspiration for these works has come from seeing the world through the eyes of my youngest daughter.

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