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Lange, Karin - Artist

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Location: Christchurch, New Zealand

Karin Lange - painter, illustrator and art teacher
Karin paints with acrylic paint in decisive colours and with discerning detail. When she illustrates, she prefers a range of mixed media.
Karin has always lived in close proximity to the sea and it is only natural to find varied water theme content in her work.
Karin paints the beach with an element of spontaneity drawing from her inner eye. It is an interpretation of what she sees and feels about water, the sea, the continuous movement of colours and smells.
“No one day is ever the same; there is constant change of wind, tide and season.”
Dramatic though the subject is, Karin usually resists reflecting this in her work preferring to contemplate on the calming effect the elements have on her.
Focus can be people, quite often females portrayed as warm and strong, joyful, colourful or calm.
An emphasis on the harmony one finds in a face or a body lavished over a sofa, the strength of expressive eyes.

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