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Flores Cruz, Jovany - Artist

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Location: San Lorenzo , Puerto Rico

In 1982, age eleven in elementary school he sketched 2 airplane crashing into the world trade center. 9/11/2002 was biggest nightmare in humane economic. He have the gifts beyond prophecy the ability to paint the future in a canvas.
First Portrait
9/2/2017 photo expression realism abstract of Carlos Santana was his first amazing Portrait painting.
His Donation
Rick Ricardo Roessello
Donald Trump
Joe Roman,
Oprah Winfrey

As a artist his influences is the philosophy of grate artist, life and experiences, Christianity, urban culture not the art it self that make him different from other but the method. Never become a copy or repeat your self for each step must lead you to a higher imagination a new life that makes you better than before.
11 x 14 Pallet and Brush Stokes Next Door, Forbidding Love, B.I.G Notorious
The Love of a Father
The Toxics son
Sex in the Mind
Women wisdom Resent Work, Portraits
Bob Marlie
Carlos Santana
The Nailing at the Cross
Reggeton Rapper Tego Calderon

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