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Lamba, Manjou - Artist

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Location: Pune, India

I am Manjou Lamba, an Artist from India.My earliest explorations in Art were innate expressions of my innermost emotions, without restrictions or excessive thought or structure. They were bohemian, colourful and eclectic, my schoolmates still say so. (1965- 1979)

As I travelled during my years as a wife of a hotelier and mother, my art also evolved to include the collective consciousness of the cities we lived in and took inspiration from the ethnicity of our surroundings.

During my career as an Interior Designer , my art works evolved to more mature and designer friendly, to set well with the interiors I had designed, for private homes across India. Those of my art works had more structure and relevance to combine aesthetically with their placement & their patrons’ sensibilities. They have become private collections of my patrons.

In this period, all my paintings were absorbed into clients’ homes and so there was no need for nor time to hold art exhibitions.(1982-2000)

During my health related immobility phase, I did not paint.

I was in a physically and emotionally dark place then, without desire or inspiration. In retrospect, I realise I did not want to make dark art .Expressions of pain & anguish were not the energies I wanted to exude. It was not the quality of work that I wanted on mine or my patrons walls! Hence I abstained from Art and focused on recovery.( 2000 -2002)

After my spiritual connect and speedy physical & emotional recovery is when I took up the paint brush again. This is when I also learned the power of transmuting & transforming a disharmonious condition into a positive harmony.

While living in Nepal I was introduced to the Mandala and Buddhist style of art, with the plethora of meaning within each Mandala. My spiritual side also assisted in conceptualising new mandalas and the meanings within their structures. Nepal was during those years a place of political conflict and strife. Painting Buddhas and mandalas kept me in balance and peace. (2003-2006)

While living in Goa, it was at the majestic Benaulim Beach which my Seascapes Series. Kashmir inspired my Chinar collages.To alleviate the greyness and dank of Mumbai during the 3 month long monsoon, the vibrant and energetic Sunfest series came into being. In my Mumbai exhibitions, my grownup children and the youth related well to the style. 2007-20013)

I realise from personal experience that the space we inhabit, our homes, must radiate with vibrations of light & create an effulgence of health energies to recharge us. It is with these intentions I paint. Each painting evolves into a living breathing persona. It has its own soul.

These are what I call my “Living Walls”!

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