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Safir, Noemi - Artist

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Location: Tel-Aviv, Israel

I had always known that someday, painting would become my big and ultimate passion and fulfillment. Things have not always been easy for me, but the complex road has become a blessing. Round the age of 35 I discovered life again as I returned to painting and felt how my art fills people with excitement, love and optimism. From that moment I decided that I won't give up anymore and that I will listen only to my heart and live and create by its guidance. I get inspiration from all that is around me: Beauty, people, city views, relationships, books, music etc. I am fascinated about the way that the viewer moves into a place of speculation around my artwork, revealing imagery and emotion and how the painting tells a private and intimate story to each beholder. My great vision is to touch people's heart with my art and my story. Everything that I create is a reflection of myself and my long road of knowing and learning more about the real me.

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