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Farnham, Brian - Artist

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Location: Amesbury, United States

I am very much an enthusiastic visionary. I get excited about engaging with others and sharing ideas. I thrive in situations where my mind can be free to consider possibilities and innovative approaches. I have a great love for philosophy, psychology and the human condition. I'm primarily an extravert, intuitive and with a desire to understand life and the world that we live in. I am constantly absorbing new ideas and concepts about the situations I seek and ones that I'm presented with.

I'm quick to process conceptual information, and accurate in my ability to size up a situation with great depth. I'm flexible in my willingness to adapt to a wide range of tasks and I'm good at most anything that interests me. As I grow and further my develop on a task or position, my abilities and insights become very focused on possibilities, making me an asset at solving problems.

I do extremely well in groups where debating or brain storming are necessary. I can be assertive in expressing mysel

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