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Saady, Kareem - Artist

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Location: Cairo, Egypt

Kareem Saady could be described as a storyteller or medium, artist or shaman. Though he possesses a seemingly supernatural ability, he's garnered impressive credentials on the temporal plane, having worked with big name game development and film studios. He's been recognized by prestigious magazines like 3D Attack and has held positions as art director and creative director on several high-level projects. Saady is a painter by trade, but he's also something else entirely.

Based in the Middle East, Saady reflects the war-torn landscape with his signature dark surreal style that is rarely seen in the region, making him a true pioneer and visionary. This is easily shown by his attention to detail, making rigid acrylics look like sleek oil paints. Rejecting the rules of commercial art, Saady blazes a trail of mysticism that has seldom been witnessed in this world.

Saady's paintings hide a complete story, forcing the viewer to think beyond physical limitations and meditate on the veiled narrative. His works place a poetic shawl on the beholder; they are layered and disturbingly intriguing. He takes his everyday experiences and effortlessly transfers them to the canvas, transforming them into otherworldly vignettes of conflict and emotion. It's as if he doesn't live in the Middle East at all, but rather on some distant mountaintop, constantly encountering the cosmos with silence and greatness. For this is what his paintings announce––SADOX is here for a purpose.

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