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Sartori, Andrea - Artist

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Location: Tonopah, United States

Art is high vibrational information. It talks to the Soul first, then it reaches the brain for linear translation.
In my life experience I had to start by studying the brain first, immerse in the depth of Soul later on, and then understand how they communicate before I committed my life to art. The way individual consciousness changes the perception of matter -Mater- and the underlying geometry of all that is Life is my inspiration for expressing the world with Art. Colorful, always moving, and abstract until defined by the observer.
Creating Art that is perceived in an intimate and very personal manner by each observer is my goal. Creating potentials of perception that reach out and into the complex entanglement between the human Soul and the human brain is where my Art is meant to be experienced and enJOYed.
I choose to only use positive potentials of Human expressions. I choose to bring the focus to the Positive that lives in us. The world has enough of the rest.

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