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Calcutt, Stephen - Artist

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Location: Solihull, United Kingdom

Stephen Calcutt from United Kingdom

My unique form of street photography is a consequence of my frequenting bus stops and shelters around the City of Birmingham. Graffiti can be great art, however for me the etched, scrawled and scratched graffiti into the plexiglass windows of the bus stop feels like a violation. like a poke in the eye, or deteriorating vision through age or disease. I've yet to see any of these etchings that looks great in it's own right. I also feel a windows full potential as a clear barrier between yourself and the elements is compromised when the view beyond is obscured, distorted and blurred by the scratches.
Ifix my camera on the etched lines and generally put the view beyond out of focus. its in the processes after that I enhance the image by merging the graffiti and the view beyond. Some are more abstract than others, at first glance looking like paintings. I love the way they are almost anti-photo, they resonates with my past engagement with Punk Culture.

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