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Icbilen, Adam - Artist

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Location: Sydney, Australia


I am Adam Itchy and The Abstract Hero.

Emerging as an artist is exciting and challenging. Feeling compelled to create Abstract, the fine art I create inspires myself to create more.

Being Australian makes me love being an abstract artist. The Northern Beaches of Sydney is full of life.

Thirty-three in two thousand and thirteen makes me an age of new wisdom and young knowledge.

Making the worlds recordable with modern technology gives me nothing but to create what can be abstract.

I had a rich childhood and have been poor ever since. I am good people. People are good to me. My adolesence was very difficult and my adulthood has seen successes and failures. I try different avenues and come back to creating abstract.

Financial success from creating abstract fine art would be an absolute blessing from fine art lovers.

I love you all.

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