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Of Two, The Rule - Artist

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Location: Saint-George, Romania

The Rule of Two explained: since we live in a world of duality, we mostly have two kind of answers, choices: male-female, yes-no, bright-dark, success-wealth, happiness-sadness etc. I chose the two most important for me, combined them and so I found my balance and purpose in life.
The Rule of Two is about teamwork, that I ask from the people I take photos with. Without it, it would not be possible to capture the truth that I want to show and the truth that they want me to show. My photos are the mirror of this successful teamwork.
It is about compassion and interest towards people and life.
The Rule of Two is the most important rule in the universe, since for every action there is always a reaction. My action is to take meaningful photos so that you can have a reaction while viewing them. I don't ask for a concrete answer, but a sincere one.
You decide if you like it or not and If you do so, then you'll understand The Rule of Two.

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