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Walker, Jonathon - Artist

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Location: Blacktown, Australia

My name is Jonathon Walker. For me it always seemed as if there was alot more going on in the world than what the naked eye could tell, and many times I have seen this come out through various forms of art. This fact captured me entirely, and thus, in it's raw forms of natural expression, I am who I am. I have been influenced greatly by an ecclectic genre of art forms ranging from the back streets of Sydney West, to the front seat of the church. I believe God gave all of us gifts, but like most gold, it is usually hidden somewhere deep under the rock. For a great period of my life, I was digging trying to find such treasure. When I did, I put it on canvas and shared it with the world. The color of love. The textures of hope. The definitive art form of faith and it's many beautiful faces....I am the kind of person that believes roses can grow from concrete. And every so often, such a thing makes it;s way onto a piece of paper. And so it is...

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