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Codd, Alexander - Artist

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Location: Burien, WA, United States

My full name is Alexander Codd. But as an artist, I go by “A.Codd.”

Born and raised in Seattle, I’ve been a native to the city since 1991.

Since 2011, I’ve been painting using primarily spray paint and stencils. With influences from Banksy and Shepard Fairey; my initial interest in graffiti transitioned from freehand-writing to stenciling. My paintings walk this fine line between street art and the classical fine arts. I focus on maintaining a street-feel with my work with heavy influences from my favorite masters, Picasso and Pollock. I incorporate their unique styles with Hip-Hop and Pop-Culture to create this hybrid of culture and art. What is painted onto the canvas is my interpretation and appreciation for what seems to be the essence of the subject as well as the culture of the arts both past and present.

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