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Saeed, Aleena - Artist

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Location: Abottabad, Pakistan

I'm 24. By Education I am a geologist but ever since I was a child, I wanted to be a professional artist. I couldn't go to art school back then and am afraid to go now after having acquired one degree in sciences. Since always art and photography have been my sources of relaxation and letting it all out.
I remember drawing as far back as I can. I doodle, a lot; when I am contemplating over anything, immersed in my thoughts, aggravated, depressed. I paint too but mostly abstracts or illustrations.
I use colors as much as I can. I simply am a color addict and it doesn't matter where I am, when I see colors and patterns, I go insane.
I take pictures of everything that catches my eye; clouds, colors all around, scenic beauties. I also do wedding photography professionally.
My artwork reflects who I am, what I feel, what I try not to feel, what I ponder over, what I suppress, what I decide to disclose. My art is what makes me what I truly am.

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