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Stapelberg, Melanie - Artist

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Location: Pretoria, South Africa

I am an artist, designer. I love the smell of paint, the texture of a new canvass and vintage patterns.
I am happiest when I am creating. My artwork stems from a deep desire to capture beauty – my goal is to imbue each work with its own unique beauty and mood. Inspired by dreams, fairy tales, spiritualism and history, my work most often features a central female figure or figures. Vintage imagery, ephemera and elements add a sense of nostalgia and romance. I seek to tell a story, depict a journey, or evoke a state of being within my works. Most times, these subjects are immersed in an otherworldly or ethereal surrounding rarely based on true locations but rather an inner world of subconscious and spirit.
Working with oil paint and collage, I create dreamy worlds of strong mystical girls and bewildering creatures, focusing on the beauty of imagination and its dominance over time. While I use a variety of materials and processes in each project my methodology is rather consistent. It is a layering process. Each layer builds upon the next resulting in an evolution of texture, color, pattern, and shape. My paintings are influenced by Victoriana, Tudor, Art Nouveau and Gothika.
Stories, old photographs and ephemera, daydreams and fairytales, and patterns and more patterns.
My formal training is in the form of an under-graduate degree in design, and fine art and my informal training from nearly four decades of creating.
I have worked as an artist, illustrator, designer, set painter and art teacher.

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