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Fahy, Bubaloo - Artist

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Location: Ocean Shores, Australia

Art in the moment....

So how is it for you to simply be in a place, quietly sitting with what surrounds you. The environment, the people, the motion, thoughts and feelings. Allowing yourself to be the observer of all these separate, yet connected perceptions of being. Witnessing what your attention is drawn too. What memories may arise, what colours appear and what sounds stand out in your ears.
To witness without imposing any restrictions on what you are experiencing in that moment can be challenging for the busy mind. So often we have all our preconceived judgements ready to filter our experiences through. A tight conditioned sieve that allows only a diluted version of what could be there comes through to us. A loss of really sensing the specialness of each place or moment may occur.

Art in the moment is a truly exciting form of expression. To allow myself the freedom to be open to any form of mark making and the way these marks will fall in their own random fashion is love.

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