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Korcsmar, Daniel - Artist

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Location: Budapest, Hungary

When I was young I'd been diagnosed with a severe visual impairment. My left eye had to be operated on several times but in the end I lost half of my sight. 70% of our brains perception of this world comes from our visual sense. We resonate with light the most. That is why I cherish and believe in the important role of an artist in our society. Art and culture has shaped human kind since the beginning of civilisations and been through many changes since. Today the meaning of art became elusive. I believe it should still serve the purpose of showing people that there is more than what meets the eyes behind an artistic work. I've set up a goal to find out how religion, science, and emotions link to each other and how I can express it through my work. I came to recognise people need to see what lies beyond the visible. We lose our paths because we're afraid of our infinite potential, our light. My dream is for people to connect with my work and to motivate them in achieving their dreams.

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