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Warren, Danielle - Artist

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Location: Brooklyn, United States

I have over 20 years experience in Art and Design Education.
My professional experience includes
being a professional artist and professor at Parsons New School of Design. I have shown in New York and Paris. Please look forInstagram:daniellewarren3
Thank you. As an artist I want to express the world around me, to explain what I see in my daily life, to make paintings that touch others peoples souls. I explore visual effects with paint, color, mixtures like recipes to communicate what I see in the universe. I wish to tell my life story, the places I have lived, the countries I have traveled, the seasons I long to embrace.
I use thick and thin paints, I use bright and dull colors as words to capture a moment a swirling flower or an apocalyptic sunset.
The act of painting connects me to my community, to my neighbor, to understanding what is important in life, in painting.

Contact Info: e-mail [email protected]
Cell ph: 646 262-4255

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