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Falla, Jeremiah - Artist

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Location: Akron, United States

I am a mechanical engineering student, and next year I will be attending law school. My I unquenchable thirst for knowledge is only superseded by my high ambition. I am interested in every subject, and no topic, however complex, has yet been too great for me to grasp. I have amassed a huge store of knowledge and life experience at a very young age. I thought that knowledge would being me happiness, but it has only made me miserable. I have come to the putrid realization that the world is full of, for lack of a better expression "the masses." People who are basically sheep, believing whatever is fed to them by authority figures. They take up causes based solely on emotional motivation, and will carry the banner for that cause into violence. People root themselves in random ideology, and remain there even if it means uprooting entire nations. I can picture a world that is beautiful and feasible. But will never exist in this ignorance. My art has been an outlet for my frustration.

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