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Stokes, John - Artist

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Location: Corrandulla, Ireland

John Stokes is an Irish multimedia artist, working and living in the West of Ireland where he paints and makes music. While he draws on his environment and tradition in terms of feeling, his work is more a navigation of Spiritual States than a representation of anything Material, Emotional or Mental. Although he deals with the Magical his work is anything but fantasy. The States he evokes and explores are real levels of experience.

"I began my Artwork at about 25 years old after the death of my brother. It was a way of dealing with my personal grief at first, but soon it opened up new States of Being for me, States that were beyond the purely personal. I worked with colour and sound as a way of Journeying into these Deeper States consciously, perhaps as some shamans use certain plants in order to see. It is my hope that my paintings can evoke such states for others too and can function as portals into other Dimensions. I also hope that they encourage others to create their own Art, Artwork is one of the great medicines for the Soul. We need such medicines now on our Planet"

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