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Location: Swanton, United States

My recent work is an investigation of the formation and retrieval of memory, along with the visual system. This system is the part of the central nervous system which allows organisms to process visual detail and interpret information from visible light to build a representation of the surrounding world. Human mental experience involves thought, perception, memory, emotion, will, and imagination. Through my paintings, I seek to portray aspects of the world at large that I experience through my own unique perspective, while creating wonder in my audience.

Perceptual systems let our brain see the world around us as stable, although the sensory information we are sometimes given may be incomplete or differ from our preconceived notions. Each individual has their own perceptual sets that directly reflect their personality traits. My aim is to challenge those sets, and trigger sensory memory. Whether it is first-hand, second-hand, third-hand or subjective, all mental experiences shape how we perceive everything.

To help guide me through my painting process, I first establish a balanced composition by covering my canvas with sections of color. Colors trigger different senses, which can in turn affect how the image is perceived. The colors I use are intentional and play a crucial role in creating what I consider an effective painting. Most of my paintings involve an immense amount of layering and texture to imply depth or communicate a message. I create a conversation between color, pattern, shapes and texture for backgrounds, while painting refined ambiguous images as focal points.

Rendering an object to appear more realistic or familiar does not always mean the message being sent is any clearer. The subjects in my paintings are each placed within a unique complex yet unrestricted atmosphere. The only limitation a canvas holds is the ability to physically touch or experience a three-dimensional space depicted on a two-dimensional plane.

What I intend for my audience to have gained after viewing my work, is a deeper understanding of their imagination and an awareness of the way they perceive the world. My intense color combinations make for aesthetically pleasing images, but this alone does not communicate meaning. It adds to the image, texture, and overall content of each piece. My paintings should tap into emotions and trigger an immediate response from each viewer’s individual perception. My hope is for my audience to be free of internal and external limitations that may distort or prevent the mind from developing an optimistic outlook.

We all have the ability to form images and sensations when they are not experienced through our senses. Our imagination is free from external limitations, and is an essential part of making sense of the world.

Kristen Smith

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