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    This was painted from my thoughts of so many tigers being poached every year.....slaughtered for one thing only...human greed. The tiger is losing the battle to exist in the wild, with less than 3,500 wild tigers left- that's world wide, soon we will only see tigers in captivity. This breaks my heart, we care so little as a species that we haven't stopped the decimation of these amazing creatures. The Ghost is hand painted on my Wacom Cintiq drawing tablet, using advanced technology combined with my traditional methods to create a digital painting in a more eco friendly way. Output as a Giclee fine art print, ready for you to have framed in whatever style suits your decor. This is museum quality paper & inks which will last well over 100yrs without any restoration needed. I am donating $5 from every sale to The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation's Tiger Time Campaign.....You receive a beautiful piece of art while helping save these beautiful cats! Attached to the rear of each print will be an authentication certificate signed by myself.The print you receive wont have the Tiger Time logos,it will be the full painting of The Ghost. On the authentication certificate the Tiger Time logs will appear to confirm the contribution you have made to save tigers in the wild. Aus $5 per Giclee Fine Art Print of 'The Ghost' is paid in aid of the Tiger Time Campaign to DSWF Trading which pays all taxable profits to the David Shepherd Foundation.

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    Original artwork painted by myself

    Listing Number: 2736788883

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    11.81 (height)
    13.78 (width)
    1.18 (depth)


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The Ghost

The Ghost - Im donating 5 dollars from each sale to Tiger Time
Webb, Michelle

For Sale by Artist

Frankston Sth, Australia

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