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    This large painting, one of my very best, is a Neo-Fauvist depiction of the base of the Eiffel Tower and the Seine River as seen through a balcony window. This has been described as a post-Matisse style. Rich surface, vibrant color.

    'If the paintings of David Bromley do not quite nestle into the sonorous decor of the Parisian Nabis of a century ago, they do propose a point of divergence from neo-impressionism at which Matisse and Kirchner camped to water their horses. The effects of light, in Bromley's eye, are not to he copied but expressed in color and color, itself, never straying too far from the nucleus of its energy; is angled and tilted to express space with an urgency that delegates even proportion and perspective to secondary status.' - New Art International

    ' - David Bromley also engages in observation of natural phenomena, here painting still lifes and interiors in particular light conditions as did the French post-impressionists VuiIlard and Bonnard. Bromley varies his faithfulness towards optical reality, and in his best paintings, he stretches the visual 'truth' to extremes to serve his eccentric composition style. Proportion and perspective are especially distorted to the point of extreme tension. Accouterments appear to teeter on tabletops, which in turn are supported by line-thin legs. With terra-firma undermined, Bromley is free to abstract the physical world to a wobbly geometric space station, while preserving the delight of earthly light as it trips around these strange corners' - Style Magazine

    'David Bromley is a contemporary Fauve, whose interiors and landscapes are painted in broad strokes of brilliant color' - Art/Speak Magazine

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    This painting was reviewed in the Richmond Times-Dispatch to highlight the First Annual Juried Show of 1708 Gallery:

    Listing Number: 2737184489

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    60 (height)
    48 (width)
    2 (depth)


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View of Paris, exhibited and reviewed oil painting

View of Paris
Bromley, David J

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Richmond, United States

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