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    NOTE: i don't intend to sell this piece (at least not at the moment), as it is very personal and was made to honor my ancestors-their struggles and journeys.

    The background of this self-portrait is composed of old family photos. Among the pictured ancestors, various careers and life ways are represented: Chief, medicine woman, tribal attorney, interpreter, guide, feminist, activist, fur trapper, musician, peacemaker, matriarch, patriarch.

    I look back to my ancestors and thank them for surviving so that I may have the opportunity to live in this world. I thank them for their arduous lives, their perilous journeys across oceans and through the snow, their survival of famine, and genocide and small pox-laden blankets disguised as charity from the American government. I seek to honor my ancestors through my words and actions and will likewise continue to live by their traditional values, the original values of this land, in showing respect for all people, particularly elders, women, and two-spirits.

    I am Métis. I am foreign and indigenous; I am the colonizer and the colonized, I walk both the Christian path and the Mino-bimaadiziwin. Each generation is more mixed, more multicultural than the last, and it is up to us to make sense of our unbelievably diverse identities. This self-portrait is a reflection on the past as well as an act of resistance against racism perpetuated through centuries-old trends of cultural appropriation and illegal misrepresentation of Native American art, clothing, and religions that dates back to the Boston Tea Party.

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Aabanaabi (He Looks Back)

Aabanaabi (He Looks Back)
Theis, Jack

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dallas, United States

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