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    Columnar Fibers is a striking original metal artwork meticulously etched, ground, textured and sanded by hand by contemporary metal artist Nate Halley in Cincinnati, Ohio. The abstract and contemporary style multi-panel display features a staggered, paneled design crafted from silvery aluminum and layered artistic grind patterns, with a variety of creative application techniques. The textured metallic surface is extremely light receptive, as the etched grooves of the grind patterns reflect light to create movement and depth with a three-dimensional (3D) holographic effect throughout the fibers design. With increased overhead lighting these lively, emotional effects will be exaggerated even further.

    This modern metal wall art is the perfect silver decor for an upscale, contemporary setting. The interesting organic imagery creates the perfect conversation starter, and achieves the ultimate Wow Factor for both residential and commercial applications.

    Artist: Nate Halley
    Title: Columnar Fibers
    Size/Style: Extra Large - 64W x 36H x 0.5D overall (center panel 12Wx36H, intermediates 12Wx24H, outers 12Wx18H inches) - Abstract Metal Art on Natural Aluminum
    Colors: Silver, Metallic, Monochrome and Gray
    Medium: Natural Aluminum
    Style: Abstract Metal Art / Silver Decor / Modern Wall Sculpture / Contemporary Artwork / Etched Original Art
    100% Made in USA: Hand-crafted with care from start to finish in our contemporary art studio in Cincinnati, Ohio
    Mounting: sawtooth metal brackets attached to the back that hang easily on nails, screws, hooks or french cleats, and allow the artwork to float slightly off the wall.
    Finish/Care: Suitable for indoor/outdoor placement. Artistic metallic finish on natural aluminum. Wipe clean with soft cotton cloth, and if necessary, warm water and a mild hand or dish soap. Clean fingerprints promptly to avoid staining.

    100% Made in USA (Cincinnati, OH) | We Ship Worldwide | Contact Us for Customizations

    Listing Number: 2737774478

  • Subject:
    Sculpture, Installation
    Image/object size (inches):
    36 (height)
    64 (width)
    0.5 (depth)


    The above image is an estimate of the size of the image/object compared to an average person. Box will only show a max 70 inches height x 70 inches width.

Columnar Fibers

Columnar Fibers by Nate Halley - Abstract Metal Art on Natural Aluminum
Nate Halley

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Cincinnati, OH, United States

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