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    Tower of Babel chest of drawers

    Tower of Babel chest of drawers is decorated with abstract patterns that anyone can read on their own individual way.
    This furniture is very practical. Its four spacious drawers can accommodate many different items although piece of furniture does not occupy much space.

    We guarantee that all Art PoPo furniture are unique and available only at one piece. We ensure that the furniture purchased from us is absolutely exceptional.

    The cabinet has been painted entirely by hand according to unique design with a very high attention to details. Chest of drawers has been painted without the use of any templates.

    Piece of furniture is a restored old cabinet made of oak wood.
    The front is decorated with new ceramic handles.

    For painting we used high-quality acrylic paints. The surface has been covered with varnish. Thanks to it this piece of furniture has a high resistance to abrasion or damage and the colors will keep their intensity for many years.

    Author of paintings: Luiza Poreda

    Height: 85cm
    top: 49m x 38cm

    Provenance / History of This Item:

    Luiza Poreda

    Graduated as a master of philosophy and an expert in cultural studies. She imagines, paints, draws, designs and creates for 15 years now. Aside from painting furniture she makes black and white drawings, colorful paintings, she decorates clothes, shoes, boxes and jewelry.

    In her artistic explorations she wanders the scopes of psychedelic and magic fields. She's willing to paint the world and it more and more beautiful, to create new fascinating realities for herself and the others.

    Listing Number: 2737846967

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    33.46 (height)
    19.29 (width)
    14.96 (depth)


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Tower of Babel chest of drawers

Tower of Babel chest of drawers
Poreda, Luiza

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