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    Artist Acrylic on Gesso primed canvas, Ready to hang, D rings and wire attached at the back. Comes with a certificate of authenticity.

    Affirmation : When you let go, you see hopes everywhere.
    40.6 x 50.8 X 1.5 cm
    Acrylic on Acid free Gesso primed Canvas
    Metallic Gold paint are used.
    D-rings and wire attached at the back.
    Ready to hang
    Side panel painted: Black

    This painting was inspired by a tranquil moment that I have had during a afternoon walk into the woods after a long day.
    The weather was perfect, sunlight shine through the blue sky ,everything glows under the golden sunset.
    Time Frozen.
    White clover flowers blooms gloriously along with dandelions and various grass seeds.
    Therefore I have the title for this particular artwork.

    The voice of nature of the day from the white clover field was -
    Do your own thing, walk in your own way, so that no one else will take you down.

    White clover is very common on lawns and is not difficult to find usually.
    These tiny white flowers are strong and beautiful.
    It's always be there whenever you look down on lawn.
    There's also a saying that the meaning of the white clover flower is 'Promise'.

    Artwork inspired by the most common weed flowers during a afternoon walk in Bayswater ,Melbourne, Spring 2018.

    Thank you for stopping by my Original Artwork .
    I am HSIN LIN , an Artist based in Melbourne Australia ,obsessed with the beauty of flowers .
    I believe there's no coincidence in this big wide world , every little accident is meant to be .
    Welcome to have a look of my profile if you love what I do ,give me a follow for my latest art, or even find your favorite artwork of mine to accompany your beautiful life journey .
    Hope you enjoy the colourful world in my floral painting as much as I do too.

    Warmest regards,

    Enjoy the time lapse video of this artwork welcome to visit the link below :

    Listing Number: 2737878321

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    Image/object size (inches):
    20.08 (height)
    16.14 (width)
    0.59 (depth)
    Overall size (inches):
    20.08 (height)
    16.14 (width)
    0.59 (depth)


    The above image is an estimate of the size of the image/object compared to an average person. Box will only show a max 70 inches height x 70 inches width.

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Melbourne, Australia

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