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    The skull at the bottom with the cross though it represents Jesus's victory through death and above death for those who will believe and receive Him. The clouds with the teary eyes are Father God's joy over the new found birth(embryo's above) for the people who chose to believe in His Son. The fire on top of the clouds is a metaphor for his passionate love for his new found children. There is a river flowing out of heaven with the dove(holy spirit) below to show the flow of the life that God has in His character for his people. The feet and the cloak of Christ is by The River and (flow) of life beside a few palm trees to illustrate paradise.
    The red jagged edge next to the black is his body torn for his people, and once someone see's this reality, they are out of the dark and into the lighted vision He graciously gives to his people.

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Golgotha....The Place of the Skull

Golgotha...The Place of the Skull
Manning, Eric

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