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    Part of a series of 12 prints titled Passions of the Cut Sleeve. Medium: Printmaking/Collagraph, hand coloured. Ink: Graphic Chemicals. Derivan Block Ink, Windsor & Newton Water colour Paper: Fabriano - Tiepolo 290gsm Press: Hilldav Maximum Edition: 10. Print only - unmounted. More information

    Alexander & Hephaestion - Some contemporary accounts suggest that Alexander the Great (356 - 323BC), King of Macedonia, had a lifelong relationship with his childhood friend Hephaestion. They lived and worked closely together, Alexander appointing Hephaestion to lead his cavalry. There is a famous incident that may illustrate their inseparability and relationship. When the two of them went to meet the Queen of Persia in her camp, after defeating her army, she could not recognise, which one was emperor Alexander the Great. She did not want to anger the Emperor. She mistakenly greeted Hephaestion as 'Alexander the Great'. She was immediately told of her mistake and started quivering in panic. Upon this, Alexander is said to have laughed and said, 'Worry not mother (Queen), for he too is Alexander.'

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Alexander and Hephaestion

Alexander and Hephaestion
Gilmour, George

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