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    In My paintings I'm engaging a wide variety of technique and languages. I believe that painting is a language by itself. I believe in contemplating and reorganizing verity images that come from other language and fields into my canvas. Art for me, is an autobiography, it's a diary of my thought and an index of my experience. I react to music, literature, art history and contemporary culture. I collect images that are interest and fascinate me, and then combining them with a bit of humor and sarcasm. I approach my work without apologizing or being committed to anything along the core DNA of the image. When I create I revolve the original purpose of the image, and then give it an alternative reality that will create a different meaning. To build something contemporary but still traditional. New but at the same time old. Something that is in the gap.

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    His works are usually produced in series. Each series is fundamentally different from the other, both in the technical and the formalistic and conceptual aspects, due to constant search for the new and the other. After completing his studies at the Midrasha School of Art he entered as one of the artists of the Israeli art project MODERN art Israel, the curator and collector Sharon Tuval, who represents and presents his works in Israel and abroad.

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pinting oilpainting abstract imerssionism

Poet Art
Mr Markovitz

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