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    It was closing on the end of a hot summer day in Laughlin, Nevada. I had spent the day pushing paint around a canvas as I was chatting up visitors to the art fair at which I was exhibiting. Little did I know that the most inspirational part of my day was to occur AFTER most of the visitors had left.

    I caught a very young child, a little girl standing in front of a blank canvas with a couple of buckets of paint and a brush, which she wielded not as an experience painter would, but as someone might if they intended to attack a canvas 'en force.'

    For a time, she flailed paint at that canvas, unconscious of the world around her. She was merely determined to let the canvas known how she felt about it, and that all of her exuberance be felt upon the threads and the wooden frame. Little did she care about the color, or the detail, or the fact that the size of the canvas vastly outweighed her. She was only concerned with expressing herself… until she noticed me.

    She noticed me taking a photo of her hard at work, and then instantly became self-conscious, mugging for the camera and posing for the photo as though she had just become Miss America.

    I later went back to my studio and painted this picture to let you know that one moment, in all her innocence, that art confirmed her fervor that the world was her oyster. With paint she can be exactly who she wants to be. An artist is born.

    Indeed, I saw myself in her. I never had that sort of experience as a child, but as an adult, I can relate to the joy she has found.

    Maybe it is the start of her artistic career, or maybe just a way to spend a day. I cannot help but think that maybe she is the next big thing in the art world.

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    1.5 (depth)


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