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    Circa 1997

    This flower blooms in abundance at the botanical garden in San Antonio. It should of course, as it is the state flower of Texas. Georgia O'Keefe would be proud to have this on her walls. The curves are sensuous to say the least. The shadows accentuate the shape of the petals.

    According to the artist, Jessica Anne Thomas, 'Creating compositions of abstracts forms of recognizable objects appeals to me. I see flowers as an abstraction.

    When I paint flowers, I am not painting flowers, I am painting shapes, which most would recognize as a flower. I see an abstracted pattern of colors and shapes, and what results is something that you would recognize as being true to life. This describes almost all of my paintings.

    I am all about contrast and form; color and shape.

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    Decorative Art
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    48 (height)
    48 (width)
    1.5 (depth)


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