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    Series: Well Wishes \\ 祝福 (Zhù fú)

    'Well Wishes \\ 祝福 (Zhù fú)' was created specifically for this call to artists. Paying homage to my Chinese heritage, each piece features colors, animals, plants, and fruits tied to a particular well-wishing that is exchanged on various festive occasions. These pieces are perfect or the upcoming Lunar New Year in mid-February, a celebration akin to Christmas for us!

    Each piece is done in acrylic paint, with gold poster color paint as an accent which catches the light and glimmers only when tilted to certain angles. This gold accenting is my personal signature for my paintings, adding something unique to each painting, as only the collector/owner of the piece would be able to see its full beauty in real life. Pictures do not do it justice!

    3. Love and Devotion // 蝶意莺情(Dié Yì Yīng Qíng)

    The final piece embodies the theme of something that humans have seeked for as long as our very existence - love. In the Chinese context, the elements representing love are butterflies (蝴蝶Hú Dié), Arabian jasmine (茉莉花Mò Lì Huā), cherries (樱桃Yīng Táo) and the color purple.

    Its Chinese namesake, 蝶意莺情(Dié Yì Yīng Qíng) is a Chinese idiom describes love, affection, and devotion. Butterflies are not just known for their beauty, which comes in handy during courtship, but also perseverance. Male butterflies are typically resilient during courtship when they spot their favorite butterfly of the season. Even though they change partners throughout their lifetime, the butterflies' devotion during courtship reflects the message embedded in this piece. The Arabian jasmine and cherries, with their golden gleam, add a pop of color and contrast against the purple background, completing the piece and collection.

    Listing Number: 2737993367

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    12 (height)
    6 (width)
    1 (depth)
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    12 (height)
    6 (width)
    1 (depth)


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Love and Devotion // 蝶意莺情

Love and Devotion // 蝶意莺情
Chong, Say En

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