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    Bank Place Dancing
    188 x 214cm

    oil on 15oz canvas

    stretched on heavy weight bars



    Category: Naïve art Tags: Canvas Works, Oil Paintings, SOLD Paintings, Victoria - Melbourne
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    Product Description

    Bank Place Dancing is about Christmas time, my home and believe it or not the world Cricket. It was a very special Christmas and I had a great time over it and I just had to paint it.

    Bank Place Dancing was used in 2011 for a Victorian Government Magazine to show colour blindness and it's effects the painting was photo shopped to show how a colour-blind person would see the painting and shown, as a 20/20 eye sighted person would see the painting.

    Provenance / History of This Item:

    Purchased direct from artist's Studio 2011 on page 20 of sold paintings on artists website
    Artist - Samantha Lord
    Samantha has had a love of painting and creating her whole life. Self taught and uniquely talented, Samantha tackles life differently and has created a world of art to share with people from all walks of life and all levels of creativity.
    Samantha is exhibited regularly, and has hundreds of collectors and agents for her own artworks around Australia and the world. She was the Gallery Director and founder of Lord Ivy Galleraunt & Art Lounge function centre based in Melbourne. The first of its kind, this venue was where locals and tourists enjoy artworks of all forms - in the comfort of a wine bar and restaurant - while watching artists work live in the creative studio. The Lord Ivy represented over 30 emerging and professional Australian artists.
    Her passion and enthusiasm is infectious and can open us all up to a new way of being a part of the contemporary world of art.
    Recent News
    Samantha has recently returned from New York where she was invited to exhibit her work at a group exhibition entitled 'Power of Perception'. This event, put together by Creative Concepts, ran for two weeks and saw Samantha sell two paintings in the first few days for over $6,000 each. Following on from this success, Creative Concepts booked Samantha in for a show in Miami in December, with talks of a solo show in New York in 2014. With her paintings shown regularly in galleries around Melbourne and soon in Sydney, as well as sales and commissions coming in regularly, Samantha's profile is gaining much momentum.

    Listing Number: 2737995500

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    Image/object size (inches):
    842.52 (height)
    740.16 (width)
    3.94 (depth)
    Overall size (inches):
    842.52 (height)
    740.16 (width)
    3.94 (depth)


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Melbourne CBD Financial District Oil on canvas

Bank Place Dancing 2011
Lord, Samantha

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