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    It's a digital painting that represents a woman and her son in the Andes. In their clothes we can find a lot of typical symbols from the venezuelan and american culture, for example in the kid's hat there are some symbols that represents our food, in the woman's coat there are symbols about the Andes, the Avila Hill in Caracas, and the colors of the flags of Venezuela, Colombia and Ecuador.

    In the backgrond the mountains escape of the frame because they are as high as the sky. The natives of the Andes thought that the mountains were sacred places because the pick of these mountains are the most close place from the sun, the moon, the sky and the stars; and these were the gods of the natives americans.

    Oscar Olivares is a venezuelan artist who has shown his artworks in Caracas, Miami, Houston, Bogota, Panama and Madrid. Olivares is just 19 years old and he has his artworks in more the 20 countries around the world. The artwork is a print in 'Caroni fabric' Signed in front of the artwork. Comes with Certificate of Authenticity, with the artist fingerprint and signature. . The Artwork come rolled in the tube. #artFidoNAAS

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    Prints, Posters
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Andes's mother and son.
Olivares, Oscar

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