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    THE OCEANS CALLING is a painting I did for my love of the ocean. As a child I used to find seashells on family vacations and when you put them up to your ear you can hear the ocean. Now living in Arizona, where the summers get extremely hot, 4 or 5 times a year I feel the urge to get to an Ocean, its like the 'Ocean is calling' for me. This painting symbolizes fun childhood exploring and the beauty of the oceans bounty. Its adds a clever pun to a nautical painting and reminds you to enjoy life and the ocean.

    I do have signed numbered prints of this one available. They measure 18' by 24' and are printed on a thick 120 lb. paper stock. Each print is hand signed, numbered, and embossed stamped. $65 each

    Provenance / History of This Item:

    THE OCEANS CALLING was first created by layering different mediums. I start out by painting the background, which is done by using spray paint and vintage lace fabrics as stencils. Once the background is done I block in the main image with acrylic colors and lastly I finish it all off with bold vibrant oil paint. It mixes the traditional classic oil paint with a new spray paint urban graffiti style.

    This painting has been in many gallery shows and exhibit events. The most recent showing was at On The Edge Gallery in Scottsdale Az I do have signed numbered prints available of this painting because It was one of my more popular ones. They measure 18' by 24' and are printed on a thick 120 lb. paper stock. $65 each

    Listing Number: 2738091834

  • Subject:
    Seascape, Marine
    Image/object size (inches):
    36 (height)
    24 (width)
    2 (depth)
    Overall size (inches):
    39 (height)
    27 (width)
    2 (depth)


    The above image is an estimate of the size of the image/object compared to an average person. Box will only show a max 70 inches height x 70 inches width.

THE OCEANS CALLING beach art surf art ocean art shell

Aubel, Jared

For Sale by Artist

Chandler, United States

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