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    Gold Leaf Maple. Wire Tree Sculpture
    Overall size is 10'H x 7'W x 7'D. Constructed of, 26 and 28 gauge gold colored wire. The heavier wire is inside the tree for support, and the thinner wire is applied to the surface for texture detail. All the individual leaves on the tree are created by hammering and flattening the tip of each twig wire so that it looks like a thin leaf. The roots of the tree sculpture are bonded onto the base using sea sand and small pebbles. The base is a 6' round dark brown solid wood base. I have created many of these types of trees which have been presented as awards and thank you gifts. It is very easy for you to add a plaque to the wooden base to personalize the sculpture.

    Provenance / History of This Item:

    The inspiration for creating my sculpture grew from a lifetime love of trees. I am in awe of the stately presence and silent majesty they posses. I find the structure of trees to be one of the perfections in nature. With their roots embracing the earth; in winter they show their bones, in spring gentle buds, in summer a canopy of green and in fall a magical kaleidoscope of colors. Beauty, pure beauty.

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  • Subject:
    Sculpture, Installation
    Image/object size (inches):
    10 (height)
    7 (width)
    7 (depth)
    Overall size (inches):
    10 (height)
    7 (width)
    7 (depth)


    The above image is an estimate of the size of the image/object compared to an average person. Box will only show a max 70 inches height x 70 inches width.

Gold Leaf Maple. Wire Tree Sculpture

Gold Leaf Maple. Wire Tree Sculpture
Villano, Sal

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Coplay, United States

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