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    This is a piece very dear to my heart. On October 29th 2012, my life was changed. I was involved in a drunk driving where my very dear friend died in front of me as well as 2 of my friends suffering severe mental and physical injuries. After this period of time another friend killed himself for reasons residing from the accident. I myself questioned life and if it was worth going on. From these ideas stemmed this piece. On the image it shows a seemingly empty gate bridge with reflective water puddles as well as a foggy sky. The bridge vanishs into a area of fog. This symbolizes life and how the future is unknown. The image pulls your eye towards the fog. This symbolizes the idea that you must continue despite the unknown. If one looks close they will notice a couple emerging from the right side of the bridge the couple is embracing each other and kissing. This symbolizes the flourishing of life. On the left side is a man standing on the edge about ready to jump and end his life. These two images depict the duality of life or death and how you can walk down the foggy unknown bridge of life and floruish or you can perish. This painting emphasizes choices while bringing a realistic depiction of a gated bridge in the early hours of an atmospheric wet morning.

    Listing Number: 2738106235

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    32 (height)
    18 (width)
    0 (depth)


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Bridges Acrlyic on Canvas

Guthrie Jason

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