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    'Wine and Cheese' by Marina Slutchanko
    - 70X50 cm
    - Oil on canvas
    - Unframed

    This painting is a good choice for decarate your kitchen.

    If you live in France, you can pay 'cash on delivery'

    Thank you for your interest in my painting.

    Listing Number: 2738125924

  • Subject:
    Still Life
    Image/object size (inches):
    27.56 (height)
    19.69 (width)
    1.18 (depth)


    The above image is an estimate of the size of the image/object compared to an average person. Box will only show a max 70 inches height x 70 inches width.

Wine and Cheese

Wine and Cheese
Slutchanko, Marina

For Sale by Artist

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