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    My grandfather died before I was born. Although I never knew him, the domestic legends that my mother and father told about him helped to create, in my childhood fantasy, an almost legendary figure. My grandfather was a blacksmith, but in the post-war period of the small Italian rural province, this meant a handyman, and in fact, if necessary he was a plumber, electrician, bricklayer, carpenter ... In our country house we had for years and years, the very old and beautiful red motorcycle that he used for work. And I've always imagined him riding that motorcycle, racing from one village to another, to solve problems and rebuild a nation.

    Other features:

    Medium & materials: oil on thick paper
    Finishing: protective varnish
    Location and year created: Turin, Italy - 2019
    Certificate of Authenticity: included, with signature of the artist on photograph
    Signed: on the front, bottom right corner
    Surface of the paper: smooth

    Listing Number: 2738138893

  • Subject:
    Image/object size (inches):
    11.81 (height)
    11.81 (width)
    0.04 (depth)


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Motorcycle. Oil on paper

cortese, federico

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