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    Flowers in bloom.Summer
    ORIGINAL Abstract Acrylic Painting on stretched canvas.
    50 cm H X 50 CM W

    Beautiful Bright Rose , Brown , Green ,Gold colour combination with some metallic mixed in!

    Liquid abstract art. Flowing paint with color cells.
    This is an original, one of a kind painting by Jane Veyts which will be a unique piece of art for your personal collection.

    This painting uses various additives to the paint to encourage cell formations and flow.
    It's been exciting creating this painting. How the paint mixes and moves and flows is totally unpredictable. Creating each piece is an intuitive process, where you are captured in the moment of creation.

    These abstracts are wonderful for collecting and displaying on a wall as a group or to simply add a splash of color to a special space in your home. It would be perfect as a gift for yourself or your loved ones.

    I am using professional quality acrylic paints, adhesives and flowing mediums. The edges are a continuation of the painting, so there is no framing required.
    3 times varnished.
    This stretched canvas with painted edges is ready to hang.
    I personally sign all of my paintings.

    This work will be sent to you carefully wrapped to ensure its safe arrival to the destination.

    Acrylic on stretched canvas

    Original painting Jane Veyts

    Thank you for supporting all original art, you are helping creative people make our dreams come true and you get to enjoy unique, one-of-a-kind items we create.

    (This is a messy process, so paint does tend to run down the sides & occasionally the back as well)

    Listing Number: 2738139062

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    19.69 (height)
    19.69 (width)
    0.98 (depth)


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Summer .ORIGINAL Abstract acrylic painting on stretched

SUMMER ORIGINAL Abstract acrylic painting on stretched canvas 50cm x 50 cm .FLOWERS .

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