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    Limited Edition & Signed Print:
    A strong cumulonimbus cell is flashing over the Pacific Ocean south of Panama City as we circle around it onboard a Boeing 767 at 37000FT. This storm has developed over a strong temperature inversion that created the low layer of clouds. Eventually these clouds pierced the inversion and gave way to this unusually powerful storm. Its updrafts being so fast that they've actually pierced the tropopause and created the so called Overshooting Tops.

    Provenance / History of This Item:

    2016, Awarded National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year, Landscape 3rd.
    2018 Awarded Sony World Photography Awards, 1st Place Ecuador National.
    Published by The Washington Post, TIME and other international media.

    Listing Number: 2738139816

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    40 (height)
    60 (width)
    1 (depth)
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    50 (height)
    70 (width)
    1 (depth)


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Pacific Storm

Pacific Storm
Borja, Santiago

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